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About Us

Hoffnung was established in 2012 in Latvia as a European manufacturer of bakery equipment. Its founders were of German origin, so since day one its focus has been on quality. This allowed the company to grow quickly transforming into a successful enterprise and establishing a reputation of a reliable partner in both European and Russian markets. Offering the best value for money, Hoffnung has further strengthened its position in the market of bakery equipment.  

In subsequent years, the product line has expanded to include cooking, wrapping and kitchen equipment. The company’s manufacturing facilities located in Germany and Latvia undergo constant upgrading enabling us to provide our bakery equipment to multiple customers, while the use of our international certification system ensures that all our equipment complies with all current international standards.

Currently, Hoffnung has offices in Latvia and Germany and one authorized distributor in Russia, Pioner, delivering its products to customers anywhere in Russia and Europe.

Bread is traditionally called the staff of life in Russia. However, this is something German bakers would hardly disagree with. Germans eat bread and buns on a daily basis. Modern technology enables to expand the assortment of baked products almost infinitely: every region has its own types of bread, with new healthy and low-calorie bread recipes, as well as vegetable bread recipes (such as potato, carrot, cabbage, olive, nut, pumpkin seed bread) being invented almost every day.

Hoffnung was established in 2012. Our progenitors wanted modern technology to work for the “most delicious” branch of the food industry, namely bread baking and confectionery, and their goal has been achieved. Implementation of modern technology has enabled multiple small bakeries (those belonging to our friends who are now also our customers) to enhance their production efficiency, while taking their production to a new level. We manufacture licensed equipment to help mid-sized and big bakeries satisfy their buyers’ needs every day!

Modern technology enables to improve the quality of products, including baked products, every year, while producing healthy and competitive breads and buns meeting the expectations of the most sophisticated buyer. Each baker wants to make his or her bread special, so the fact that we offer a wide range of functional and highly efficient equipment plays a critical role. We stay strong in the pursuit of our goals, constantly expanding our assortment of original Hoffnung equipment. Thus, customers are always satisfied with their equipment purchased from us and enjoy excellent results.